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Win Hot Leads And Boost Exposure
Across 180-220 Niche-Specific Top Media Sites
Right Audience
high-rated media experts will master your press release so that it conveys the message winning readers’ hearts
Right Channels
approve a list of niche-specific DR 70-90+ sites where your audience is craving for your offer
At the Right Time
get your press release published in ~5 days and enjoy your marketing goals accomplished
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Say “No” to

Tedious outreach to Top Media Outlets that usually don’t bother to reply
Our specialists have already established relations with editors, meaning you’ll get your press release published at the click of a button.
Expensive publications via resellers
All the best deals are already here – no need to overpay for a PR you risk losing any time. We’ll ensure your article won’t be removed.
Strict limitations on the press release format
Our media experts know how to bypass the limits on the word count, number of links, images, etc., while crafting a perfect piece.
Endless publication revisions
Get a perfect press release editors would love on the first try. No revisions, rewriting, plagiarism, or AI reports – only flawless PR.
A long search for a professional to handle your writing
Collaborate with industry experts with 7+ years of experience right here. Avoid cheap wordies – make a bid for the quality.
Guessing whether your PR will pay off
Our press releases will get you into the spotlight, maximizing your chance for high traffic, hot leads, & better rankings.

Gain without Pain

Push back the limits and get the reach you deserve in a couple of clicks.

Halvorson PR

Word count
500-700 words
2 anchor links per article
1 image per article
1 video per article
You choose a topic and style of writing (might be irrelevant for a publisher or your target audience)
You look for authors to handle writing, risking missing the deadline or facing second-rate material (that probably will be rejected by a website editor

Halvorson PR

Word count
No limits
No limits
No limits
No limits
Media experts help you come up with a proper style and topic angles depending on PR goals
Our experts craft, edit, and finalize a press release with you. Editors will love it

Deeds, Not Words

We love the challenge – that’s why our publications get thousands of views, clicks, and hot leads along with the highest rankings in the most competitive niches. 
Let the latest case studies speak for themselves:

Drive relevant traffic from Top media outlets, including Yahoo News.

Upgrade backlink profile.

Boost rankings for target keywords.

Press release publication via Halvorson PR (as it helps to gain a bunch of links and better ranking through 1 campaign).
Press releases published on 179 sites, including Yahoo Finance, Aol., Market Watch.
Views: 400+
Clicks: 750+
Ranking in the Top-10 for the keyword “bitstarz”.
The article keeps gaining 200+ clicks every month (4 months in a row).

Drive relevant traffic.

Raise brand awareness.

Boost ranking for target keywords.

A research-based user-oriented article published as a press release to cover the wider audience.
Featured on 224 sites, including Google News, Apple News, Yahoo Finance, and Market Watch.
Views: 1000+
Clicks: 350+
Ranking in Top-5 for “homework help websites”.
Secret Santa Apps

Driving the highest possible traffic in the midseason.

Best secret Santa apps rating published as a press release – the fastest way to attract a relevant audience.
Press releases published on 223 sites, including Google News, Yahoo Finance, Flipboard, Apple News, and Benzinga.
Views: 4500+
Clicks: 1700+
Ranking in Top-5 for “Best Secret Santa Apps”.

Kick off the Collaboration

We discuss your requirements, goals, and the audience you want to target. Experts provide thorough recommendations and agree on the deadlines.
Timeline: 2 days
PR creation
Our experts craft a press release based on your requirements and submit it for your review.
Timeline: up to 5 days
We publish your press release and get to its monitoring and performance analysis.
Timeline: 1 day after PR approval
Reaping rewards
We submit a detailed report on the press release performance (links, sites covered, reach, clicks, rankings, etc.)
Timeline: 2 weeks after a publication

Don't Wait for the Spotlight to Find You – Make It Happen with Halvorson PR

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