Halvorson Media Group Marketing Researches

Halvorson Media Group Marketing Researches

About the company

Halvorson Media Group is a large PR agency. We are a young and actively developing team. Our main specialization is branding and reputation of companies, PR and public relations, marketing and sociological research. Working since 2020, we have performed more than three hundred of our own market research for customers. Our professional experience and strict adherence to methodology and principles of research projects organization allows our clients to get reliable and credible information

We study the interaction of consumer and non-consumer target audience with brands, media, investors, employees, etc. Our agency researches in 4 main areas:

Traditional market research

Clients often don’t have the resources or time to find contractors or conduct their own re-survey. The agency can work on a “one-stop-shop” basis. This is when you offer clients not only information support but also take on all the research tasks. For example, one of our clients planned a quantitative survey and focus groups to test hypotheses. As a result, we took on the entire cycle of work: we found experts with the right profile, conducted quantitative and qualitative research, and then a team of analysts compiled the report.

Technology market analytics

The second promising area that helps startups explore niches. Our research department solves the challenges of tech industry analytics.


This block helps not only to study the market at the present moment but also to look into the future. We usually use web analytics tools or social listening services to predict trends. We have developed our own in-house calculation methodology.

So we studied the forums of the leading educational and expert forums (UNESCO, OECD, The Open University, IMSO). On their basis, we compiled a primary list of companies that are engaged in writing student papers. Then we analyzed Google Trends for search queries related to them. A composite quality index was calculated for each of the firms. Based on the results of the study, an analytical review from the company came out.

Analysis of competitive environment

Our PR agency can offer an expert view of your competitors. Not just a list of competitors, but also to determine an individual index of media activity. In our division, we have compiled a model that evaluates how often a company is mentioned in the media and how well it is represented in the information field, and what kind of feedback it has on the Internet. In this way, the client can compare indexes and understand which of the competitors works more effectively.

Halvorson Media Group marketing research

Over the years, the employees of the Halvorson Media Group marketing agency have created many of their own developments. They also received professional awards and set several personal records, for example, conducting 20,000 questionnaires in one month.

Our marketing department uses tools for collecting and studying data. They help to accumulate statistics, evaluate KPI, and set new goals for the future. But customer requirements are changing, modern companies care about more than just the number of mentions in the press. Brand perception is also influenced by its vision, expertise, and ability to be one step ahead. For this purpose, we hold an industry survey and monitor trends. This is especially important for technological startups that create unique niches or develop an industry from scratch.

Our PR agency helps businesses to understand what is going on in the nascent segment and in what direction to move.

Analytics can set the direction of the PR strategy. For example, it will show which segments are in demand, which customer problems have not yet been solved, and where the market, on the contrary, is oversaturated. Understanding the nuances will help the startup not to waste time on a failed launch and subsequent pivot. But will allow you to immediately start from the right point.

Sometimes reputable companies turn to our agency for research. Their goal is to deepen expertise and conduct industry research. Often, such industry studies are not even published. The company needs to get the necessary insights, determine the target audience, and confirm or refute its hypotheses.

In what situations does your company need analytics:

  • the company is entering a new market or making a pivot;
  • the founders have just launched a startup and want to study the target audience;
  • the company wants to test a hypothesis about a new product or improve an old one;
  • management is unhappy with current performance and wants to understand what the CA wants;
  • the company needs research to make decisions internally;
  • the company wants to differentiate itself from its competitors;
  • it is important for the brand to be one step ahead and to launch the product before it becomes mainstream.

Methods we use in our research

Benchmarking. Quality Management

Why does your company need it? Benchmarking helps to understand the reasons for business efficiency of partners and plan appropriate actions for improvement of own indicators. During the benchmarking, we compare the following factors:

  • price;
  • quality;
  • customer care and service;
  • customer feedback;
  • delivery;
  • variety of products and new products,
  • services.

Based on the information received, we make recommendations and an action plan to improve the performance of your business.

The result: best practices and methods for your company’s commercial success.

Market volume. Opportunity Analysis

Why does your company need it? The analysis of the market capacity is necessary for planning and forecasting the company activity. We initiate a timely and adequate reaction to the changes taking place. For this purpose we calculate actual, potential, and available market capacity:

  • the actual capacity allows us to understand how recognizable the brand is and how much it is used;
  • we use the potential capacity calculation to understand customer loyalty to the brand;
  • the available market capacity shows the level of consumption that the manufacturer can satisfy.

Result: a rational scale-up strategy.

Perception map. Opinion management

Why does your company need it? To understand what impression a brand makes on competitors, potential and real consumers, what the patterns of their preferences are, and what the dynamics of the brand itself are. To do this, we use a focus group to collect consumer statements about the market and its players. Based on the information obtained we develop a questionnaire and survey a wider audience. We draw up a positioning map, which serves as a basis for constructing the strategy of changing the perception of the brand.

Result: a ready strategy for changing the perception of the brand.

What tools do we use?


  1. Phone and street surveys.
  2. In-depth interviews.
  3. Online surveys,
  4. Focus groups.


  1. Search Engine Statistics.
  2. Statistics of behavior on the site.
  3. Monitoring online media.
  4. Monitoring of user behavior social media

A set of tools is selected individually for each client, depending on the tasks set.

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